Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Arlington Road in St. Anne's has been a morning rat-run for many years, but the first picture was taken at 6:00pm. Further investigation was required as to the cause of this traffic mayhem.
It appears there are men working in St. Anne's Road, presumably renewing the pavement tarmac, as has been the case recently in nearby Newbridge Road?

The interesting thing is that between St. Anne's Road and Newbridge Road is a large green space, just right for the contractors to set up camp, keeping the road clear.
Don't be silly, park the welfare unit on the road!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Shopping Trolley Hazards

It seems the Shopping Trolley menace is spreading across the city. Only this week, this one was spotted off St. Matthias Park in St. Judes awaiting a parking ticket. With it's green & white livery, it's obviously a long way from home in Bedminster?

There are other uses for Shopping Trollies...

Some people live in them!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Spot the mistake in Arlington Road

To the untrained eye, Arlington Road is just another side street in the grand metropolis of Bristol lined with parked cars and company vans. Thankfully, the disabled bay on the right has been left empty for the elderly residents that live there.

But looking at the cars parked on the left, it shows another, alternative way of parking.

It did not take long for the passers-by to spot the excellent gaps to the front and rear of the car in question and the fact that it's parked against the flow of traffic in a one-way street!

Shopping Trolley Heads Homeward

In just a few months, the shopping trolley has made it's way up Bloomfield Road and along Langton Court Road. Has it lost it's way, as the blue & orange livery suggests it should be heading to Castle Court?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Where did I put that Trolley

As reported in the previous post, the Carbon-Neutral approach to shopping is preferred nowadays. Our green shopper, as predicted, managed to get home and the Trolley was indeed left for recycling. Just in case it rains, someone found a safe place to keep it dry!

We'll return to actual traffic issues next post...